Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The One

01The One (4:43)
02Just The Two Of Us (3:35)
03Treat 'Em Right (4:43)
04The Night Scene (3:56)
05The Big Man (3:29)
06The Bad Boyz (2:46)
07What's The Word (4:01)
08Organizer (3:21)
09The Chubbster (3:56)
10Cat (3:37)
11Another Statistic (2:40)
12Enjoy Ya Self (2:50)
13The Five Deadly Venoms (3:48)
14Bring 'Em Home Safely (5:22)
15Keep It Street (2:39)
16The Regiments Of Steel (4:48)


Doctor Okeh said...


Anonymous said...

Yo Doc, thanks for this great post. A almost forgotten EMCEE that is very under appreciated by the masses. It's a damn shame too because dude has a great presence on the mic and very witty with the lyrics...again thanks for this!

pepo said...

Rick said...

Drok -

I didnt download this, because I already have it, but thanks for taking your time and posting something new and good up -


blueadam said...

Man i just found this spot. It is a shame that thhings did not work out for yhou and thhe blog. good luck in future endeavors. thanks

Blacktop said...

Great post, Chubb Rock is the man. Hitman Howie Tee and Rob Swinga!
I've got this gem already, but it needed to be put out there for the unfortunate few who don't have it.

webmaster said...

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jaZz said...

I feel like a kid in a candyshop!
Thanks a lot!

and thanks to Pepo also for dem extra rapidshare links!


daniel said...

thanks for this!