Saturday, April 5, 2008


Blog Cabyn Will Be Closing Up Shop This Month

It was a shot , but as usual there are many snatches , as well as many

visitors, and next to no convo going on, seem this has been a waste of time.....

it was fun while it lasted.......peace out!


purple_Crayons said...

aw man.

that's really unfortunate. only just found about your spot thru 4brobeats. i will scour the archives, but thanks for trying.

Doctor Okeh said...

yhea there just don't seem to be much traffic here,(well at least they ain't letting themselves be known)
so I'm inna toss-up on weather I should leave it open, with 3 other blogs...I just don't know....
and Bust The Facts got the classic Hip-Hop on lock so what the heck!

apani said...

Yea I feel you bro. I don't know if people really know about it. But what I liked about this blog was it filled in the blanks per se. I visit other joints and see the same things posted at times, you come left field with it and supply the missing piece. I mean if your other blogs
are doing well with traffic & convo then go with the strongest one for the meantime and reopen this later down the line.

The World Is Ready... said...

Nah man...dont shut this down. Just needs a little more time homie.

jaZz said...

Really respect the work being done here, man. I would be sad to see this spot go. If it does, please keep me (and obviously others) informed to what you plan to do.

Again... I'm loving this place.

from a Bosniak in Amsterdam