Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Love Letters...

A1Be Mine (5:18)
A2Don't Make Me Dance (All Night Long) (5:18)
A3Tears (4:17)
A4Let Me Love You (5:04)
Co-producer - Mr. Magic
B1Itchin' For A Scratch (4:56)
Co-producer - Keith LeBlanc
B2Forgive Me Girl (4:22)
Co-producer - Mr. Magic
B3Let's Stay Together (4:37)
B4I Just Wanna Love You (4:50)
ripped from my vinyl collection @ 128 , but it sounds great, Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the old school jawn Doc!

phyrephyter said...

preciat this drok!!

apani said...

Thanks for the classic!

oui said...

hehe, thank you but please explain how can a 128k sound sound "great"...
by definition anything under 192k cannot sound great. also i dont know what turntable or preamp you're using but it obviously focuses on medium and high frequencies, resulting in a rather suffering listening on a quality sound-system. however, thanks a lot for the effort!

jaZz said...

Ahhh oui. At least listen to it before commenting about the quality man. 192kbps is considered a threshold for folks with more sensitive hearing, but they ran these tests with CD's which are obviously of superior quality to begin with as opposed to vinyl..

I haven't heard anything yet, but I'm just happy to be able to check it out.


Geoffrey said...

repost 4 me homie!

oshaman3 said...

Thank You.

Insatiable said...