Sunday, December 9, 2007

Various - Christmas Rap

A1 Run-DMC Christmas In Hollis (2:57) Co-producer - Rick Rubin , Steve Ett Producer - Run-DMC
A2 Sweet Tee Let The Jingle Bells Rock (3:57) Producer - Hurby Luv Bug
A3 Dana Dane Dana Dane Is Coming To Town (3:44) Producer - Hurby Luv Bug
A4 Spyder-D Ghetto Santa (3:36) Co-producer - DJ Doc Producer - Spyder-D
A5 King Sun-D Moet* Christmas In The City (5:17) Producer - Sun-Born , Troy Patterson B1 Derek B Chillin' With Santa (4:54) Producer - Derek B
B2 Disco Four He's Santa Claus (3:27) Producer - Gregory Marius
B3 Showboys, The That's What I Want For Christmas (5:58) Producer - Cliff Hall , Showboys, The
B4 Surf MC's A Surf M.C. New Year (4:36) Producer - Norman Kerner , Scott Roberts


DROK said...

Rick said...

Direct1122 -

Thanks Drok, I have this on Tape but never converted it. You da man.

sasha said...

hey drok...damn...i haven't seen this for a decade...bought the record in the 80s an now that i see the cover i hear all them tracks banging in my head ...real flashback...thx man

nic said...


Craig said...
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Craig said...

    (  ゚∀゚ )
    /~~~〉 〈/つ
   ノ  ノ|  |...
 ´~ (__),__)ゝ


Anonymous said...

i love your site_ happy holidaze and haze!

Any Means... said...

tha gift that keeps on giving...
thx again!