Sunday, December 16, 2007

DJ Troubl'

1. Intro VAST AIR “Look mom no hands”
2. QUAS “Dinosaur Brain Beat” Original Sample (SCRATCH “Soulfly”) Not sure of this one??!
3. DJ DESIGN “Sparkdala”
4. QUAS “Microphone Mathematics Remix”
5. QUAS “Microphone Mathematics” Original sample (DON CHERRY “Complete Communion”)6. QUAS “Come on feet Remix” Part 1
7. QUAS “Come on feet Remix” Original Sample (Melvin Van Peebles “Cmon Feet”)
8. QUAS “Come On Feet Remix” Part 2
9. QUAS “Come on feet remix” Original Sample (ROY AYERS “Sensitive”)
10. QUAS “Come on feet”
11. QUAS “Come on feet” Original Sample (ALAIN GORAGUER “La planete sauvage DVD!!”)12. QUAS “Loop Digga” (part 1)
13. QUAS “Loop digga” Original Sample (IMPRESSIONS “on the moves”)
14. QUAS “Loop digga” Original Sample (RONNIE LAWS “Tidal Waves”)
15. QUAS “Loop digga” Original Sample (GALT MC DERMOT “Harlem Medley”)
16. QUAS “Loop digga” Original Sample (ONENESS OF JUJU “Some Breakbeat on African Rhythms LP”)
17. QUAS “Loop digga” Original Sample (SON AND DAUGHTERS OF LITE “Darkuman Junction”)
18. QUAS “Loop digga” Original Sample (KOOL AND THE GANG “North East South West”)
19. QUAS “Loop digga” Part 2
20. QUAS “Loop digga” Original Sample (ELECTRIC PRUNES “Holy Are You”)
21. QUAS “Loop digga” Part 3
22. QUAS “Loop digga” (DAVID AXELROD “A Divine Image”)
23. QUAS “Loop digga” Original Sample (EUGENE MC DANIEL “Supermarket blues”)
24. QUAS “Blitz”
25. QUAS “Return Of The Loopdigga”
26. BEATLESS “Dominant”
27. LOOTPACK “20 Questions”
28. DECLAIME “Don’t Trip”
29. QUAS “Discipline 99 Part 0?
30. QUAS “Astronaut”
31. QUAS “Astronaut” Original Sample (JOHN DANKWORTH “Return From Ashes”)
32. LOOTPACK “Answer” Original Sample (”LEE MASON “Shaddy Blues”)
33. QUAS”Boom Music” Original Sample (SAM & DAVE “?!”)
34. QUAS “MHB’s” Original Sample (KOOL AND THE GANG “Little Children”)
35. QUAS “Discipline 99?
36. QUAS “Discipline 99? Original Sample (GALT MAC DERMOT “Harlem Medley”)
37. QUAS “24-7?
38. QUAS “24-7? Original Sample (DELLS “When You’re Alone”)
39. QUAS “Low Class Conspiracy” Original Sample (JIMMY SMITH & WES MONTGOMERY “Mellow Mood”)
40. QUAS “The Unseen” Original Sample (DAVID AXELROD “The Signs Part2?)
41. QUAS “The Unseen”
42. QUAS “The Unseen” Original Sample (9Th CREATION “Bubble Gum”)
43. QUAS “Realize” Original Sample (ACCADE “Accade A Bali”)
44. QUAS “Green Power” Original Sample (BOBBY LYLE “Inner Space”)
45. QUAS “Green Power” Original Sample (MANDRILL “Khidja”)
46. QUAS “B.S” Original Sample (IGOR KANTER & WILLIAM LOOSE “Cherry, Harry & Raquel”)
47. QUAS “Hittin Hooks”
48. MADVILLAIN “Shadows Of Tomorrow”
49. KING BRITT “Spaces”
50. QUAS “Broad Factor Troubl’ Mix”
51. BEATLESS “Rock on”
52. JAYLIB “Strip Club”
53. JAYLIB “Strip Club” Original Sample (JACO PASTORIUS “Opus Pocus”) …And Back to “Strip Club”
54. MADVILLAIN “America’s Most Blunted”
55. QUAS “Brainasorus”


DROK said...

goinsidemyhead said...

..i sparked a lot too...everyanywayo...this is like funk dna..

Lafayette said...

Oh, yes...this is what it's all about!
Thank you!


taufique said...

wow! Thank you DROK!

Lasonic TRC-931 said...

thank you! copped this the last time you posted in over a year ago, then the ipod died! stuff you post is nigh impossible to find via normal channels....

Lasonic TRC-931 said...

oh well spoke too soon! seems to be gone off mediafire