Sunday, December 16, 2007


1 Lyric Licking
2 Stress The World
3 Why You Wanna Get Funky....
4 Don't Forget The Bass
5 Faulty
6 X-Files
7 Future Development
8 Corner Story
9 Love Is Worth Producer - Opio
10 Del's Nightmare
11 Games Begin
12 Town To Town
13 Checkin Out The Rivalry Featuring - Casual


DROK said...


Craig said...

...... HELL YEA!!!!!!!!!!!

  / ̄ \    /   <`O
  0⌒> ヽ  ....⊂ ニ ニ ニ ⊃
    ⊂ニニニ⊃  (´<_`  )
  ( ´_ゝ`) /ヽ。/~⌒i  
   /~ヽ。/~\  。  .| |
  / ,  。/ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄/.| |
__(__.0つ/  X'mas / |__|____
    \/____/ (u ⊃

marco said...

heya dr ok! long time no c since and it don't stop. happy to get my ears on some more funky stuff from ya. season's greetings

nic said...

i'm gonna take a chance on this, although i generally don't like Del's stuff, i've never really given one of his solo joints a chance & i've been told i should. thanks for the chance...

LekkS said...

Love his voice and flows. He changed a lot since first albums - but you still do not need to guess who's on a mic when his song is playing. I also respect the crowd where he's hanging..meaning musical affilates, of course.

geo said...

never heard this one before, psyched to get on it, No Need for Alarm was key in my youth, had to buy a second tape of it cause I wore the 1st one out. Years later I bought it on vinyl, after I had sold off my tables for food money, just for that day. Somewhere between I picked up the cd.. I think that justifies downloading this one :D