Sunday, November 25, 2007


side one:
01 - Rockit - Herbie Hancock
02 - Wheels of Steel - Grandmaster Flash
03 - Tour De France - 10 Speed
04 - You're The One For Me - D Train
05 - Electric Kingdom - Twilight 22
06 - Pop Goes My Love - Freeez
Side Two / Break Music & Instructional Rap:
Electrick Shocks - Alex & The City Crew
Space Walk Action (Shock Waves?) - Alex & The City Crew
Rap-O-Tition - Alex & The City Crew
Scratch Walk - Alex & The City Crew
Shake Your Arm Up & Down with the Boogie Speed - Alex & The City Crew
Boogie Head - Alex & The City Crew
Let Electro Beat Make Your Body Move - Alex & The City Crew
The New York City Breakers - Michael Holman (Say What Say Who?)
(not sure exactly how accurate the track list is.)
(and I wish I could remember who gave me this at AND IT DON'T STOP almost one year ago)


Various - Electric Breakdance

Label: K-Tel Released: 1984

Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop Style: Electro, Breaks Notes: Distributed by Dominion Records, a division of K-Tel International, Inc.
Record comes with a poster on how to break dance.


A1 Newcleus Jam On It (7:54)

A2 Double Vision Clock On The Wall (4:28)

A3 Whodini Magic's Wand (4:19)

A4 D-Train You're The One For Me (5:10) (NOT INCLUDED-see other version)

B1 Twilight 22 Electric Kingdom (3:59)

B2 Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel White Lines (Don't Don't Do It) (4:04)

B3 G.L.O.B.E. & Whiz Kid Play That Beat Mr. D.J. (5:09)

B4 B.T. & The City Slickers Rockit (3:53) (NOT INCLUDED)

B5 Run-DMC It's Like That (4:47)

(not the original recording, tracks were compiled together, for what it's worth, ENJOY!)

I'll never forget rocking these two tapes at summer camp , HA!,

those kids musta thought I was insane!!!


wkc said...

just found this site. Nice job. This one brings back some memories. Thanks for all you do to share the music. If possible I would love to also be able to view "And it dont stop" blog again. Last I visited it had gone private. If it's not possible I understand. Best wishes

What It Is said...

I had that first one and would put the poster that came with it up and roll up the rug in my parents livingroom and fail to windmill over and over again. That hurt a lot.

ron art said...

K-Tel used to be known as the cheesy compilation label. YOu would always see their commercials late at night in the wee hours of the morning. Funny how looking back 20 years, we see they managed to snag some gems.

apani said...

I am ready to get a piece of cardboard and do some windmills! This brings me back. Too many good memories. Thank you again.


AMP said...

oh yeah, k-tel was pretty bad. and remember ronco? terrible! but secretly great of course.

Olskool4real said...

Yeah I hear you I could never windmill worth of damn, yet I could go into the windmill and do a wicked backspin that the New York City Breakers made famous in Beatstreet.I bought this back in the day for the poster which somebody posted on one of these sites a few months back for kicks.Thing is the p[oster never did crap for me!!Instructions my ass we learned from getting beat by cats with great moves and our instructional video which was the movies wildstyle and Beatstreet!!Ha!ha!Ha! Great post!!

LekkS said...

Never did a breakdance, but like this music. Sounds so fresh, none can beat the yongsters))) And whole hiphop was young these days.

jaZz said...

50 cent can go lick a lollypop while I cruise through this here candyshop

I'm in heaven :)


Voodoo said...

Exited with this post:-), but the link doesn't work anymore :-( Pleassse!! re-up Thanks